Bring ants on a summer cottage: chemistry and folk methods

To remove ants in a summer cottage, you can use chemicals based chemicals, alternative methods. If you do not destroy the pests in time, a whole colony will soon appear, as a result, plants can die.

Harm caused by ants

For fear of such insects, you need for various reasons:

  1. Destruction of plants: pests feed on sap, which contributes to the gradual destruction of plantations. The more ants on the site, the faster vegetable crops, fruit trees, and shrubs will be affected. When infected with such insects, the growth of crops slows down, their appearance worsens.
  2. Rapid breeding: in a short period, many individuals will appear who will look for new food sources, affect other plants, and as a result they will not be able to save the plants.
  3. The appearance of ant aphids: these pests interact, aphids are important for ants, because they feed on its pad (the sweet liquid secreted by the parasite).

Pest control methods and their prevention

Insecticides are considered to kill insects. The most effective include Diazinon, Chlorpyrifos. These are preparations of the group of organophosphorus compounds. They provide a similar result – they affect the nervous system of pests. In this case, motor activity is first disrupted, and then the functions of internal systems. The insect loses its ability to move, can not eat food, multiply. This leads to his death.

Insecticides are characterized by intestinal contact action, which allows you to destroy ants faster. Pests come into contact with the poison, in addition, the poisonous substance enters the intestines during meals. After the toxin enters the body of insects, they die within 1 day. The death rate depends on the dose of the poisonous substance that the ants receive. Given that insecticides do not affect insect eggs, it is necessary to reuse the funds with a break. Drugs that can be used to remove pests:

  • Medilis Antimuravei;
  • Medilis Super;
  • Clean house (gel);
  • Muratsid;
  • Muravin.

To destroy individuals, it is better to first try less aggressive means in action, which will reduce the intensity of the negative effect on plants. Folk recipes:

  1. Destroy the anthill using ground black pepper or ash. Particles of substances remain on the surface of the outer cover of pests, destroy them. Insects are uncomfortable, they soon die from internal disturbances. If you use hot ash, pests will disappear forever, will no longer return to the site.
  2. Bait: impregnate sponges with honey, lay on the path of ants. When the insects find the source of food, stick to it, you need to destroy a large number of individuals at once. Instead of this bait, they use different products that arthropods prefer: meat and sweet.
  3. Velcro belts are glued on tree trunks. They should be wide, tightly fit the bark.
  4. Pour the anthill with a self-prepared means: take vegetable oil (400 ml), the same amount of shampoo, 10 liters of water, 400 ml of vinegar. The liquid is thoroughly mixed, poured into the nest. So that the insects do not have time to leave the anthill, a hole in the ground is covered with a film, pressed with something heavy.
  5. To deprive ants of a food source, aphids need to be bred. To do this, trees and shrubs are treated with broth: they mix ash, chopped wormwood, these components need to be boiled. The tool is treated with plants. However, this method must be used along with others, otherwise it will not be possible to get rid of pests.

To prevent the appearance of ants on the site, use deterrents: trees are treated with hemp oil, garlic and parsley are grown on the beds. These plants can be laid out on the site. Wormwood also scares away pests. But it is important to constantly renew the tufts of grass in the garden, because it withers and partially loses its properties.

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