Turnkey grow boxes

One of the first things a novice grower encounters is purchasing a grow box. Buy a turnkey ready-made grow box or assemble it yourself? Which of the ready-made options to choose? Where to buy a grow box and accessories? We will try to answer these and other newbie questions about growing boxes and grow tent 4×8 in this article!

Growbox: what is it?

The word “grow box” translates to “grow box”. In fact – it is, but, in fact, a grow box is not just such an isolated home greenhouse. This is a whole structure that includes the greenhouse itself, a lighting system, and a ventilation system. Correctly chosen light and correct air circulation are one of the main components of a plentiful and high-quality harvest. Therefore, experienced growers often recommend that beginners not experiment with assembling a structure, but rather buy turnkey grow boxes. In this case, the beginner grower will receive a completely ready-to-use construction. The grow box itself, lighting fixtures, ventilation system, several additional accessories – all this is included in the turnkey grow box service. The grower only needs to decide on the size and budget,

DIY growbox

If you nevertheless decide to assemble a growbox with your own hands, you will need the following components:

  • the cabinet itself (frame, fabric walls);
  • lighting devices (lamps, electronic ballasts);
  • devices for temperature and microclimate control in a grow-box;
  • ventilation system;
  • various accessories (growing pots, hydroponic plants, substrates, fertilizers, programmable sockets, etc.).

In addition, you cannot do without the advice of equipment sellers and experienced growers. Therefore, it is recommended to collect a growbox with your own hands either for experts in plant growing, or for those beginners who are ready to fill cones and learn from their own mistakes, including at the cost of the quality of the crop. Turnkey growbox is an optimal solution, and often – more profitable, since often stores (including ours) offer discounts on ready-made equipment.

Secret Jardin Grow Boxes

The products of the Belgian manufacturer Secret Jardin are highly demanded and popular among growers. Ease of assembly, time-tested quality, a wide range of sizes, relatively low price – these are the main advantages of this brand’s growing boxes. Secret Jardin grow boxes are one of the most popular growers among both beginners and experienced growers.

Homebox grow boxes

Grow boxes from the German manufacturer Homebox are a guarantee of quality, starting with the quality of the materials from which the structure is made, and ending with the quality of the crop obtained in these home greenhouses. A variety of sizes allows you to choose the best option for your room. And the Modular model is a great opportunity to adapt the box to your current ideas. The cost of Homebox grow boxes is slightly higher than others, but – the quality!

Mammoth Grow Boxes

Mammoth grow boxes are distinguished by their robust construction, and not only in terms of assembly and stability. Each box goes through several stages of testing before going into serial production, so Mammoth grow boxes are guaranteed to be light, air and moisture resistant. The niches for light and ventilation are additionally reinforced. Simply put, this is a high quality growbox for the same crop quality!

Grow boxes Garden HighPro

Garden HighPro grow boxes have established themselves among both amateurs and professional growers. Reliability and, at the same time, lightness of design, a wide range of models, which makes it possible to choose a ready-made box for both a living room and a hydroponic farm, ease of assembly and a quality mark. All these components often incline the grower in favor of Garden HighPro grow boxes, which have managed to gain an impeccable reputation over the years!

Gin Growboxes

The domestic manufacturer does not lag behind European competitors and produces products that are in no way inferior in quality, but inferior in price! Therefore , Jin’s grow boxes are a godsend for those who do not have the desire to “stick to the brand”. A wide assortment, European reliability and Ukrainian price – isn’t it an attractive combination?